May 2022

The White Horse

Jordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillJordan AskillText: Adriana Guiffrida Images: Jordan Askill

It took one beautifully fine yellow gold love heart ring to draw my attention to Jordan Askill’s work, and from there the fascination has only grown stronger. Jordan has an uncanny gift for transforming jewellery and sculpture into pieces that resonate on a level akin to an emotional journey, leaving the viewer or wearer – more generally, the recipient – with the feeling that they are part of something very special.

Jordan combines traditional jewellery-making techniques with very modern technology, and these methods have had a resounding effect on his work to date. In short, the intricacies he creates must be seen to be believed.

I caught up with Jordan to discuss his work and its intrinsic message.

Adriana Giuffrida: Hi Jordy, Tell me about your journey into making jewellery.

Jordan Askill: I began my career working in fashion for a while and naturally progressed into jewellery. I like to start with sculpture and take out elements from there.

AG: Did you find it was a natural progression from working in fashion to working with jewellery and sculpture?

JA: It was, completely. It’s what makes me feel like I am being honest to myself.

AG: Your subject matter is so varied, in that you explore the elements of love with your incredibly popular and delicate love heart rings, but then you display a strong connection to animals in your collections, and a link with mechanical elements. How do you go about creating a range of jewellery and collating all these ideas in a cohesive manner?

JA: All these elements are relevant to me exploring the time we are in, [as are] personal feelings, pop culture, the earth around us, history and who we are as a society. I also find the notion of transcending quite fascinating. I like to use organic shapes while giving them a geometric feel.

AG: There are two elements to your jewellery, with JORDY and Jordan Askill. How do you differentiate between the two when creating new work?

JA: I like to make one line that can be readily understood and simple to wear, almost like a personal tattoo. I also like things that have a positive message that people can pass on to others. My next body of work is more mythological and less dependent on practicality. I find this is an important area to be able to channel, and the messages embodied are more interesting to the wearer.

AG: I’ve read that you use quite an amazing technology to create your sculptures. Are you able to share this process with us?

JA: I use a lot of digital technology and artisanal techniques. It is important for me to keep exploring and developing these as the duality of the future and our past history is so important.

AG: How has living abroad inspired your creative process and helped you develop your use of these technologies?

JA: It’s just kept me exposed to understanding more.

AG: You come from a very talented and creative family, with your brothers Daniel and Lorin at Collider. How do you divide your time between all your endeavours, including film projects?

JA: It just seems to work out at the best times. We are due to do a fun project together pretty soon.

AG: You have recently produced a series of love heart rings for Opening Ceremony with birthstones included. Do you see yourself doing more collaborations in the future?

JA: It was great, not to mention a perfect collaboration for us both. I’d love to collaborate again with someone when the opportunity arrises.

AG: What does 2011 hold for Jordan Askill?

JA: I will be working on my next installation and body of work for September. Another project under development is the JORDY line, which I am working on with a wildlife organisation.

Jordan Askill

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