February 2024

Cut & Paste

Text: Tristan Ceddia Images: Christopher Day

Christopher Day is an enigmatic human who takes wonderfully thoughtful photos. He has shown at numerous galleries across Australia and recently published A Special Love, a zine featuring clever photography of banal supermarket interiors. A few years back, Chris surprised his peers with new photo collage work unlike anything anyone had seen from him before. What one may find interesting about this work is that Day is re translating his own images, unlike traditional collage artists who work with recycled, found imagery, though arguably in a way, Day is working with found subject matter of which he has translated through photography. A traditionalist at heart, this new direction comes as a pleasant surprise.

Christopher DayChristopher DayChristopher Day

Christopher Day, A Special Love published by Serps Zine is available now online through Art Park and from The Outpost in Brisbane.

To win a copy of A Special Love email us at [email protected] and tell us the meaning of the word collage.

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