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Beyond Thunderdome

the blackmailthe blackmailthe blackmailthe blackmailText: Adriana Giuffrida Images: Georgie Thomas

Georgina Thomas is quite an individual. She a has a razor-sharp wit and talent to boot. After a standout debut collection in 2009, and an equally impressive follow-up, Georgina has just released a third collection that proves beyond a doubt she is a talent worth watching. Featuring refined colour palettes, tailored lines and draped, cut out details, Georgina Thomas’ SS10/11 is whimsical, wearable and tough. Adriana Giuffrida speaks to Georgina about her latest collection, the journey to begin her own label, and the one and only Tina Turner.

Adriana Guiffrida: Hi Georgie, One of the last times we saw each other you were dressed as Tina Turner, and I as Winona Ryder at a house party in Melbourne a long time ago. What have you been up to since then?

Georgie Thomas: I did some travelling and then I started my own label a few years ago and have really been focusing on that!

AG: Did travelling inspire you to start your own label, or did you always know this would ultimately be your goal?

GT: I think I always wanted to be able to design without restrictions and I thought probably that starting my own label was the best way to achieve that.

AG: So you interned with Ann Sofie Back in Stockholm, you must have learned a lot from that experience?

GT: I did intern with Ann-Sofie but she was based in London at the time. I did learn a lot – seeing somebody run a label whose work I really admire, first hand, really did give me confidence to do it myself. Before it seemed like it could be so far away.

AG: The splicing, cut out and draping techniques in your current Spring/Summer collection are so bold, and I love how this is paired back with a beautiful soft pastel colour palette. Tell me, what is the inspiration behind this collection?

GT: I wanted to be more sculptural this collection, and kind of attack the silhouette, then soften that with soft, beautiful colours and more luxurious fabrics like silk and tencel.

AG: Cut outs and slashing of garments seem to be a recurring theme in your collections, do you think these ideas are something you will continue to play around with?

GT: It seems like whether I like it or not they always turn up, so probably! But each collection I want to take it somewhere new as well. Hopefully the combination of the two will produce something different each collection.

AG: I’m interested to know how you begin a new range, do you start with colours, concepts, a general mood or all of the above?

GT: It can be any or all. Sometimes I’ll start with a concept and everything else just follows, but with this collection I knew I wanted to have this beige base for the colour palette and highlight it with pastels. Once you have one element it kind of informs all the others.

AG: What are you feeling for your next Autumn 2011 Range?

GT: At the moment because it’s so cold I feel like doing a collection of jackets only, but we”ll wait and see!

AG: So no Tina Turner inspired collections in the near future?

GT: Well I do love Tina, so that could happen… seriously.

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