February 2024

The Future

Scott Lowe Scott Lowe Scott Lowe Scott Lowe Scott Lowe Scott Lowe Scott Lowe Scott Lowe Text: Gabriel Knowles Images: Scott Lowe

Not many of us are lucky enough to do what want most of the time, the Utopian dream so coveted by many is lived by few. Photographer Scott Lowe isn’t living the dream exactly, but by his own admission these days he only does jobs that he wants to do. And in doing so he’s been able to retreat and take stock of what’s actually going on around us.

Take a look back into the future…

“I’d been doing a lot of thinking, spending heaps of time alone when I first moved to New York from Sydney. It was quite intentional… I needed to grow in certain parts of myself.

This series is a reaction against consumerism and a return towards the spirit of the human being, a sense of community, social and environmental responsibility, an appreciation for what we have at this moment, it’s my concept of the future. My fantasy.

Using your mind’s eye, visualise what you think the future should look like. What do you see?

More than what it is, seeing these pictures should tell you what I think the future is not. It’s not more, more, more; it’s not an extreme change right now; it’s not being cooler and having better stuff and it’s not an aspiration to consume.

…or maybe I’ve just been thinking too much.”

Scott Lowe

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