November 2024

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Words: Adriana Giuffrida Images: TV

For the past few years people have been watching TV develop their finely tuned approach to fashion design. With each season they capture us with their imaginative and wearable pieces, and their ability to create collections with a focus on different textiles that capture our attention. Ingrid Verner and Monika Tywanek have their formula on lock down, and compliment each others strengths within these areas, and together they make a formidable team. TV’s current collection Army Dreamers saw the inclusion of perforated textiles, a rich colour palette and moody prints, making their avante-garde clothing accessible to all who want to get their hands on clever maxi dresses, bike shorts and mustard denim jackets. Adriana Giuffrida speaks to one half of the team Ingrid Verner on the inspiration behind Army Dreamers and the importance of creating these ideas in Australia.

Adriana Giuffrida: How are you guys? What are you working on at the moment?

Ingrid Verner: We are working on a really small winter range, and working towards summer now in an attempt to feel ahead of time. We’ve also just finished setting up our on-line store –

AG: You have been working together for seven seasons now. Do you find working so closely together that each of you focus on a different aspect? Or do you both contribute quite equally to the textiles and garment construction?

IV: Yeah, it’s been three years. I design and Monika puts the fabrics together and develops the textiles.

AG: You textiles seem to differentiate you from other labels each season, how do you find developing these techniques in Australia? I heard that you get your knitwear done by a pretty amazing guy in Melbourne. You must work with some pretty incredible characters.

IV: I think you have to develop your point of difference through your textiles as a designer in this country. The quality and variety of fabric available is very limited. The guy who did our knitwear has since closed down, obviously the future doesn’t look bright for manufacturing in this country.

AG: Do you think you will always aim to produce in Australia?

IV: Yes, we’re really committed to Australian made.

AG: TV has been recognised for its imaginative approach to design from quite early on. Your last collection Lucky gained some attention around the world on different blogs, how do feel about blogland? Do you pay much attention to those kind of things?

IV: No, not really. Monika and myself are not internet crazy kind of people if that makes any sense? It was really nice reading all the positive feedback from people all over the world on the Lucky collection though.

AG: Tell me about the inspiration for your current collection Army Dreamers.

IV: It’s inspired by nature with militaristic undertones. Again it’s all about the hand developed fabrics and textures. Garments mimic the lines and movement of the body, while referring to the landscape around it. Inside is blended with outside, elegance with the wild.

AG: I noticed in your RAFW show for Army Dreamers that you included your own footwear on the runway. Was this purely for the show or is this a new area you are expanding into?

IV: We are looking to expand into footwear but need to investigate further how we do it. But yeah, TV shoes are going to be rad!

AG: Are there any other areas you would want to explore?

IV: Bags! Our trash bag was really popular and it’s another area where I think we could do some good stuff.


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